Autorestoring previous pane zoom in tmux

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Excerpt from a message I sent to tmux-users mailing list:

I just began to use the recently added zoom feature and came across an anoying thing.

You have panes A and B. A is zoomed, if you switch to pane B, then A is forcibly unzoomed. This is expected, of course, otherwise B would remain invisible.

If you switch back to pane A I expect to get A zoomed again because it wasn’t me who unzoomed it.

Software Libre en Cuba

Cuba se conectó a Internet en 1996 y pocos años después, en 1999, Infomed, el Proveedor de Servicios de Internet del Ministerio de Salud Pública, anunciaba un proyecto para difundir y facilitar el uso de Linux en el país. Desde entonces hay una comunidad activa, que en medio de las carencias, ha sabido/podido mantenerse activa. El mundo, e internet con él, ha cambiado mucho desde aquella época de los Grupos de Usuarios de Linux.


I’m a Cuban expat based in Madrid, currently working as Engineering Lead in ShuttleCloud, a leader in email and contacts migration at scale. For the past 10+ years, I’ve been managing distributed systems and automating myself out of the job. Something similar, but at much lesser scale, to what today is called Site Reliability Engineering (SRE). Although SRE is not necessarily a novel discipline, it’s only recently that it has somehow formalized as such.