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Using Ansible at ShuttleCloud

[originally published in ShuttleCloud’s blog]

It’s no secret that ShuttleCloud uses Ansible for managing its infrastructure, thus we think it would be useful to explain on how we use it.


At ShuttleCloud, we take automation as a first order component of Software Engineering. We aim to have everything automated in production: application deployment, monitoring, provisioning, etc. Ansible is a key component in this process.

Our infrastructure is almost entirely in Amazon Web Services (AWS), although we are in the process of moving to Google Compute Engine (GCE). The stack is distributed across several regions in US and Europe. Due to the fact that we have SLAs up to 99.7%, we need to have every component, service and database operating in a High Availability manner.

Autorestoring previous pane zoom in tmux

Excerpt from a message I sent to tmux-users mailing list:

I just began to use the recently added zoom feature and came across an anoying thing.

You have panes A and B. A is zoomed, if you switch to pane B, then A is forcibly unzoomed. This is expected, of course, otherwise B would remain invisible.

If you switch back to pane A I expect to get A zoomed again because it wasn’t me who unzoomed it.

Instalando el entorno para las prácticas de Robótica

Introducción El entorno de prácticas de la asignatura Robótica es el siguiente: Componentes de JDERobot gazebo: Se ocupa de la simulación del mundo. introrob: Se ocupa del control remoto del robot simulado. El control remoto se lleva a cabo manualmente mediante un joystick visual o automáticamente mediante la llamada recurrente a un subprograma determinado. gazeboserver: Se ocupa de conectar a introrob con gazebo. Es un servidor ICE que corre dentro del proceso de gazebo y traduce las órdenes que envía introrob en llamadas a la API del simulador.